Uasau Soap

Kamiik grease 60ml - Uqsuqtirut kamiinnut 60ml

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This all-purpose beeswax-based ointment was inspired and made for Inuit who make kamiiks - soft boots usually made out of sealskin or caribou hide -- because it soothes and softens animal skins. But we’ve since learned from our customers and our own experiments that this wonder has more purposes than we can list. It’s good on cuticles, skin scrapes, calluses as well as leaether, gloves, dress shoes, furniture, cutting boards, wooden cooking spoons. Heck, apply it around the home and see what happens! Includes macadamia and lemon butters, scented with lemon essential oil. 

Ingredients: lemon butter, macadamia butter, grapeseed oil, lemon essential oil, beeswax.