Community Harvest

Igloolik hunters celebrate a successful harvest in 2016. (photo by George Qulaut, Nunatsiaq News)


Uasau Soap only uses bowhead whale oil collected from community harvests in Nunavut. The community hunt has brought Inuit together for millennia, and today is no different. Experienced hunters stand side-by-side with novices, teaching them the perils, techniques and appropriate attitudes required for a successful and respectful hunt. 


There is so much excitement surrounding the community harvest that you can't really imagine it unless you've experienced it. Check out this CBC North story to get a feel for the excitement. Make sure to scroll down to the bottom and watch the boat-side video of a successful hunt in Iqaluit in 2018. 


Or you can read about this successful hunt in Igloolik in 2016 in Nunavut's local newspaper. 


While Inuit use age-old wisdom to guide successful harvests, Inuit also are always changing and adapting with the times. Today, huntresses are more and more common, whereas in older times women hunted less often. Read about this one experienced huntress' account of a successful hunt by clicking here